Micro Madness software
instructions As a service to our fellow Silicon Graphics users, we provide the following library of precompiled IRIX binaries and, where applicable, source.

Most software is gzip'ed, and tar'ed (most with relative path names). Anything with inst in the name is an inst'able image. A tar'ed version of gzip is found in the gnu folder in the binaries folder.

Most of the code has been compiled on Irix 5.3. Some was obtained from other sites, so we cannot be held responsible for it not working on your machine.

disclaimer This software is provided as a service to our net friends and clients. It is provided without warranty, guaranty, or assurance that it will work with your particular installation. Please be cautious if you aren't fully knowledgeable with the intricacies that can arrise with using publicly available freeware. Almost all the freeware on this site is running on our machines, so it does work. If it breaks your machine, we disavow all responsibility.

For more information or other help, please contact us. Please don't hesitate to ask if you want something compiled that isn't here.


  • We will soon be recompiling the archive for 6.x. Any one out there want to help?
  • The view button will eventually have descriptions of the files (now it also downloads the file). Yes, we said this a while ago, but what do you want for free :-)
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